A Letter From Our Vice President of Membership Recruitment

As a Junior looking towards my last year at Carolina it's hard to believe that one day I will no longer be a college student sitting on the quad between class or ending a long night at cosmic cantina with my closest sisters. I have spent the past three years as an Alpha Phi and can't begin to imagine how different things would have been had I decided not to sign up for formal recruitment my sophomore year. Your years here at Carolina will be over before you realize it, but the people you choose to spend those with will impact you forever. When I chose to join Greek life at UNC I was first attracted to the idea of fun events, leadership opportunities, and the instant connection to potential friends. When I joined Alpha Phi, I realized being in a sorority is so much more than that. It is about the women who become your sisters, the time spent volunteering for philanthropy, and the internship or career connections you make through mutuals. It is about the way being a part of a sisterhood connects you to endless possibilities and something greater than yourself. The sisterhood you choose will truly become a guide during your college years, sharing advice from what professors to take to where you should get your nails done. Joining a sorority gives you more than fun memories, it gives you an unforgettable experience. It gives you connections that have a hand in making you the person you are when you leave this institution. I know without a doubt that being a sister in Alpha Phi had a direct impact in shifting my path towards a future I was excited for. Alpha Phi gave me the greatest gift of my college experience, a safe space to discover myself surrounded by people who supported and encouraged me. My sisters have become my best friends, mentors and support system. While it sounds cliche, Alpha Phi really did change my life. There are countless people, leadership opportunities and core memories that I would have missed out on had I not joined this organization. I am beyond grateful to be able to say I am a sister of Alpha Phi. It is my hope that you too will discover a sisterhood that you couldn't imagine spending your years at UNC without.
Maura Westbrook
VP of Membership Recruitment