A Letter From Our Vice President of Membership Recruitment

My name is Anna Tarlton, and I am so happy to be serving as VP of Membership Recruitment of Alpha Phi here at UNC. Alpha Phi has been such an integral part of my experience at UNC, and I don’t know where I would be without the friends and memories I have made because of it. When I joined Alpha Phi, I immediately had a welcoming group of girls providing support, encouragement, advice, and so much more. Living in our house this year has strengthened and fostered so many of my friendships, and it has been such a blessing to get to call Alpha Phi my home. Alpha Phi has given me so many opportunities not only in friendships, but also in serving the community through our Philanthropy, and in pursuing leadership roles that I am passionate about. Serving in leadership roles in Alpha Phi has been such a rewarding experience because of how much love and support I find in my sisters. The sisterhood that you choose to be a part of will truly make your years here at Carolina, and provide you with long-lasting friendships and unforgettable memories that you will cherish and take with you. It is a support system like no other, and one that I will forever be grateful for. These girls feel like home, and I truly mean it when I say that I am so excited every time I walk in the door just to hang out with them! I hope that you all will feel that same sense of excitement as you get to know us, and we can’t wait to get to know each of you! I encourage you all to trust the process, and be yourself! With Love, Anna Tarlton VP of Membership Recruitment

Anna Tarlton
VP of Membership Recruitment